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Win7 SendTo and right-click Context menu tips

November 3rd, 2012 No comments

I use SendTo all the time. Saves a ton of time navigating to open stuff or file things away.

Suppose I have a weird file type that I want to open in Textpad. Just right click and “SendTo” Textpad. Faster and more consistent than going thru the bullshit “open with” menu. It also starts a new Textpad rather than reusing an existing Textpad which can be very important if you want an entirely separate process started.

I have shortcuts in SendTo for my cell phone’s video folder. Then I can just right click on a TV show and “SendTo” my phone to get a copy there fast.

Holding shift down during the whole operation will cause a file or folder to be moved which can be awesome or dangerous depending on where you’re sending it. Suppose I download a new program on my desktop. After installing it I will shift-right click on it and “SendTo”->”Install” (which is a shortcut to “C:\Install”) all while keeping the shift key held down so it gets moved there.

My screen captures from Firefox all go to my desktop. I can then “SendTo” my C:\files\dorkus\purchases folder. Sometimes I want to SendTo my purchases folder but then email a copy to someone. I can get my filing done first by sending a copy to the purchases folder, then email the desktop copy. After the email is sent I can then delete the desktop copy myself.

Finding the damn SendTo folder to add new things to it has always been a pain. Recently I found that you can find it easily by typing “shell:sendto” into explorer. Here’s a whole list of explorer shortcuts you can use:

For the ultimate in convenience, a good trick is to put a shortcut to the “SendTo” folder in the “SendTo” folder itself. Then you can add whatever you want to the menu quickly. Just make sure you only send shortcuts to it or else you will send the actual folder or file:

For example, I wanted to SendTo “C:\files\dorkus\purchases”. I make a shortcut on my desktop for it named “Purchases Dork”. Then shift-right click the shortcut and SendTo->SendTo. (If you SendTo->SendTo a folder or file, the folder or file itself would get copied to your SendTo folder which isn’t what you want.)

Now I can take any file or folder and SendTo->”Purchases Dork”.

Win7 also has an extended right-click menu when you hold down shift. I use Regedit hacks to always get the extended menu without needing the stupid shift key. Here’s an example of how to do that:

The “path copy copy” is an awesome add-on that adds context menus for copying all different parts of a file or folder path in different ways (URL, Unix, long, short, etc)

The right-click option I use the most is “copy file/folder path” for pasting files/paths into open/save file dialogs rather than having to navigate there using whatever crappy random style file dialog they happen to provide.

Get Path Copy Copy here:

Other utilities worth mentioning are ShellFolderFix and 7 Taskbar Tweaker:

This is an app to make Windows 7 explorer folder windows remember their size and position.

“This program enables you to tweak the taskbar of Windows 7 and Windows 8. The tweaks are divided into three sections:
Taskbar items: control taskbar items related stuff, like middle/right clicking, hovering, dropping, etc.
Grouping and combining: disable grouping, allow to drag windows between groups, force/disable combining, etc.
Other taskbar options: mouse wheel options, double/middle clicking on the empty space of the taskbar, and misc.”