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VLC 2.0 Elite Toolbar

February 24th, 2012 No comments

Heres my VLC 2 elite toolbar configuration. Click the photos for full rez examples.

It has the essentials:

Indicator and buttons for video playback speed in the middle.

I had to duplicate the playback speed readout to the left in fullscreen because if you click it, the popup slider covers it up and so you cant see the speed you are setting. I guess this is because there’s no room below the toolbar, which is where it wants to go. So with a second one you are free to click it and you can read the speed over to the left instead. In window mode it pops up below the speed indicator so its not an issue (unless the window sits on or near the bottom).

Regarding playback speed, the toolbar buttons use stupid and hardcoded playback rates. You can have finer playback control with keyboard keys [ and ] which adjust +- 0.1x (afaik not configurable)

You can’t put (or macro) the keyboard buttons onto the toolbar (afaik). So forget it, get used to playback in 1.5 and 2x. If you use a harmony remote you can program it to send the [] keys instead.

There’s also a photo snapshot button, your still frame button and a subtitle opener.
(I can’t seem to still frame backwards on any videos I play.)

There’s a ‘reverse play‘ button which also seems to never be supported.

Unsupported buttons hide themselves (dvd controls for example).
Now please note that if you customize the toolbar it disappears forever in fullscreen mode.

After any toolbar customizing, you have to go to preferences and disable “show controls in fullscreen mode”

close program
start program
enable it again

Also, when you do customize the toolbars, always “save as” to a new profile. They tend to get corrupted easily and its no fun to start over.

Tip: learn how to delete a misplaced item before investing time in a good layout.

There I just saved you two hours of frustration and lame forum posts. Enjoy.

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