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KB2709162 fucked me over

KB2709162 MS12-041: Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers could allow elevation of privilege: June 12, 2012


String Atom Class Name Handling Vulnerability – CVE-2012-1864
String Atom Class Name Handling Vulnerability – CVE-2012-1865
Clipboard Format Atom Name Handling Vulnerability – CVE-2012-1866
Font Resource Refcount Integer Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2012-1867
Win32k.sys Race Condition Vulnerability – CVE-2012-1868

On XP, it would appear that this particular windows update causes the “On Resume, Display Welcome Screen” option for the screen saver to be ignored. It seems to revert to the “this computer has been locked” dialog instead. You then have to try to unlock the computer before you can switch users, but that wouldn’t work either. I was also having trouble with XP running out of system resources and other odd, crippling behaviour.

Things have been fine since uninstalling this update. I suppose I would have to reinstall it to be absolutely sure, but MS wastes so much of my time already I’m not going to bother. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else has similar problems.

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